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Baby Toys 0-12 months

Toys for Infants 0-3 months

The newborn baby does not need any toys at this stage. She will only want to look at things that are closer to her since she can only see clearly until 10-12 inches from her face. She likes bright colors at this stage since it is easier for her to recognize. She would like things that make gentle noise and move slowly.
You can buy these things for her during this period:

Wind chimes

Babies like soft music. Place a wind chime near her crib so that she can look at the chime while it produces that sweet soft sound.

Sock and wrist rattle

Kids can’t stop moving their legs and hands. Attach a small rattle to her hands and watch her get entertained by the sounds.

A music box/mobile

Play some soft music for the baby on a music box or on a mobile. Babies like soft sounds and love bright lights.

3-6 Months

At this age baby develops grasping and holding abilities and wants to grab onto everything she can. She will start holding your fingers for longer and can hold smaller objects too. At this age you can buy her a few more toys.

Squeaky rubber toys

Get her some of those cute animal shaped rubber toys that bathe with her and make squeaking noises when pressed. She would love them. As the toys make noise after squeaking you can expect your baby to happily squeal. . Make sure these toys do not contain PVC. Since the kids keep putting these toys into their mouth it is important that the toys we choose are safe for the child. You can read about our post on how to choose plastic toys for kids here.

Stuffed animals

Get her a couple of soft and cuddly toys. Make sure that the soft toy does not have any buttons, ribbons etc. These can easily come off and be ingested by the baby.

6-12 months

Story Books

At this age the kids start developing language skills, it is essential to read to them. Buy her a story book and read it to her. Make it fun and interactive.


Get her a silly ball that makes sounds and bounces. This will certainly light up her face with a smile and laughter.

Soft toys

Soft toys are still good and a favorite of the babies at this age. Buy her a couple of cuddly teddy bears or tigers.

Open ended play

We have written about open ended play here. Give our baby some household items like a small cup, a plastic bowl etc. This will keep the baby occupied and happy for hours.

Push toys

As the baby starts to move around on the floor she would want a companion. Buy her a sturdy push along friend that helps her in moving around. (Not that she’d need any motivation)

Shape sorters

This is one of the most useful toys for kids this age. It helps develop problem solving and shape identification skills in the child.


Just like shape sorters, blocks are also a great toy for kids at this age. These toys help her stack and build shapes. Start off with simple wooden blocks and finally graduate onto more complex ones.

1-2 years

At this age the baby becomes a toddler and it’s hard to keep the sitting still. You should expect good exercise chasing hr across the house and keeping her out of trouble. The child is super curious about everything around it and toys are no different. Let’s take a look at some toys that are best suited for kids aged 1-2 years.

Push and pull toys

Push toys like wagons are ideal for kids this age since they can lean on and start to walk around the house with its help. Make sure that the toys you buy are heavily weighted otherwise the kids may topple over. Generally, toy makers take that into account and most push and pull toys are safe for kids.

Large building blocks

Now that the kid has mastered the basic blocks, it is time for them to graduate into the larger blocks where they can make houses or walls and can break them in the end 🙂

Crayons and Paper (washable crayons preferable)

The child is now old enough to scribble and draw. Give her a nice place to work (she’ll find the walls anyway), put up a large sheet of paper in front of her and give her a couple of crayons. She will soon immerse herself in the world of art and draw herself a masterpiece. Hang it up on the fridge for everyone to see.

Ride on toys

Kids love ride on toys. They are fun because kids can power them and move around wherever they like. Do not buy electronic ones; let the kids use their legs.

Books with pictures

Children books with pictures are a new favorite with kids at this age. They will start recognizing familiar objects and activities. They’ll even bring their favorite book for you to read.

Toy instruments

Tiny musical instruments that your child can play their hands on are also a good toy for kids this age. They can start developing interest in music. Who knows, maybe you can spot the next musical superstar right in your living room.


Choose puzzles with pieces that are big and cannot be swallowed. Puzzles help develop memory skills and problem solving skills in the child. Puzzles are a fun activity to do alone or in a group and kids thoroughly enjoy it when they get it right.

Train sets

Trust us, not only the baby but you will also enjoy playing with the train set. IT is uniquely satisfying to watch a train toy move around on its track. You can buy one that moves around with the help of a battery or one that moves with the force of the hand.


Balls are a favorite among kids of all ages. At this age kids are old enough to kick, roll and throw the ball. The kids will make full use of the newfound strength and coordination. Encourage the child to play with the ball in the garden.

3-4 years

So your little one is growing up fast? At this age they have started speaking and increasing their vocabulary day by day.


Get the child a small bicycle that is age specific and not very tall. The bicycles are supported by two small wheels on the back tyre so that the children don’t fall due to unbalancing. This is the phase when the children will learn about motion and balance.


Almost 80% of brains development has taken place by this age. The kids are smart and take an active interest in solving puzzles with a theme. Keep challenging your kids to solve the puzzles and progress sequentially onto tougher ones.

Pretend play

Be it a Barbie or a G.I. Joe, the kids love to pretend play at this stage of their lives. A child will talk to the action figures as if it were one of them. Superheroes and other action figures are also very popular among this age group.


This is for kid’s who love to draw and paint. Get them a nice coloring kit and they will learn about new colors etc. This is an excellent play for young kids and they learn a lot of new things by drawing. They learn to express themselves and to draw mom and dad and grandma. 🙂


Lego’s are super awesome and super fun. It is not just the kids that will be building it, get ready to help out with the building. Start off with the smaller sets so that the child does not get confused by the bigger sets. Let him take his time and help him build the castle of his dreams. But a word of caution here, be prepared to find stray pieces all around the house and be prepared to call the Lego helpline for replacement parts J

Educational toys

Educational toys are an excellent choice for kids this age. These toys not only entertain but educate in a discreet way and help the kids develop vital skills. Some examples of educational toys for this age group are alphabets memory, sorting cubes tiny microscopes etc.

5-7 Years

Sports equipment

The children are all grown up at this age. They are already playing outside with the friends. This is the right age to get them a sports kit. This could be a baseball kit, a soccer kit with a small net to be erected in the backyard or maybe a basketball and a ring. Find a place in the backyard or in the neighbourhood where the kids can go out and play. Take time out once in a while to accompany them and play with them. It is great fun.


Cycling is so much fun that you should get one for yourself too, if you don’t have one yourself. If you have two kids in the house of buy them a pair because cycling is more fun in a group. This is also the age where kids should be taught about basic road safety rules like which side to be on while riding and how to keep to the cycling lane. Whenever you buy a cycle for the kid, always buy some safety gear too. Kids should be taught about the importance of safety first right from the first day.

Educational toys

For kids aged 5-7 years, we should look at buying toys that teach the kids about basic scientific/mathematical concepts. Education toys come in a wide variety and do just that. They can invigorate the curiosity of the children and can demonstrate difficult concepts in an easy practical way.

Board Games

Well, Board games are a perfect family entertainment recipe. Now that the kids are older they can understand different rules and can start playing the game. This is exciting since now the family can play together in teams. The kids can themselves forms group and play with their friends too. A board game or a couple of board games are a must have i any family’s toy inventory.

8 – 11 Years


Musical instruments

Video games small

12 years and above

Nerf Toys
Video games

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